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Antiviral Panel Light Pro

Our Antiviral LED Panel Light PRO uses ViraPure nanotechnology for the best long-term protection against airborne bacteria, viruses and fungi. ViraPure™ inactivates and inhibits the growth of all bacteria, viruses and fungi that touch the surface of the Panel Light and pass through the filters. It effectively prevents the rapid spread of infectious diseases and purifies the air, providing a healthy and safe environment. It is non-chemical, non-toxic, odor-less, and long lasting, requiring no maintenance other than occasional dusting.

An air circulation system and ViraPure coated air filters were added to the Antiviral Panel Light to make the PRO model, enhancing and speeding up the anti-bacterial/viral/fungal and deodorizing features. With its wide angle and gentle lights, it also provides safe, high efficiency LED lighting.

Product Compliance and Certifications: UL Certified.


Order Info:

Product Model # Input Power Consumption Weight
PN272.01-A 42W 4.5kg
PN273.01-A 38W 3.8kg


  • Gentle LED lighting with no flashes, glare or UV radiation
  • Low wattage, high efficiency
  • Adjustable brightness; easily fits into lighting management systems
  • Inhibits Enterovirus and H1N1; proven by MicroBAC Labs
  • Inhibits Staphylococcus and E.coli; proven by SGS


How it works



#1. Is ViraPure™ nanotechnology applied to both of the surfaces of the lighting panel (the side with exposure to the room and the side exposed to the area above the ceiling in which the light panel is inserted)?
For the Basic model, ViraPure™ nanotechnology is applied to the lens surface of the panel. For the PRO model, in addition to the lens surface coating, the air filter has two layers of fabric coated with ViraPure™ nanotechnology.

#2. What is the duration (years) that the ViraPure™ nanotechnology is capable of providing 100% effectiveness? Does the effectiveness ever wear off?
ViraPure™ nanotechnology on the lens surface is permanent. Unless it is scrubbed off, it will remain active forever, provided it is not heavily covered by dust. Its effectiveness depends on making direct contact with the bacteria/viruses/fungi. Due to this, it needs to be dusted once in a while.

#3. How often should the filters be replaced?
For the air filter in the PRO model, we recommend replacing the filters once every three months.

#4. Does the lighting panel have to be tested for antiviral effectiveness to see if it has diminished to a level where the panel needs to be replaced with a new fully effective Antiviral panel?
No, there is no need to test or replace the panel. The ViraPure™ nanotechnology is permanent and will remain 100% effective as long as you wipe the dust off of the surface.

#5. What is the recommended cleaning method and cleaning solution?
Wiping the surface with clean water only is the recommended cleaning method.

#6. Is the ViraPure™ nanotechnology’s effectiveness diminished when it is cleaned with a water soluble cleaning agent?
It is not recommended to clean it with other soluble cleaning agents. Only using clean water to clean the surface is recommended.

#7. In the application with a normal 2 ft. x 4 ft. Lighting fixture having three (3) Aleddra T8 DBA G5 15 watt 4000K LED tubes, will two (2) of the 2 ft. X 2ft. Antiviral LED fixtures be required to provide same quantity of lumens as the DBA G5?
We only have 2x2 fixtures at this time. We will update the website when we have a 2x4 Basic model available.